Greg Howard

Greg Howard is one of the few full-time touring soloists on the Chapman Stick. Having played since 1985, Greg has released eight CDs and is the author of The Stick Book™, Volume I. He has also conducted Stick seminars all over the world teaching countless numbers of budding Stick players.

During the month of March, Greg will be touring the eastern US with the Greg Howard Band consisting of Greg on Stick, Jan Wolfkamp on drums and loops, Hubert Heeringa on saxes, and Jan van Olffen on bass.

Dates for the Greg Howard Band tour are:

March 20, Charlottesville, Virginia
March 22, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
March 23, New York, New York
March 24, Boston, Massachussettes
March 26, Burlington, Vermont
March 29, Ann Arbor, Michigan
March 30, Newport, Kentuckey
March 31, Arlington, Virginia

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