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The bridge and tailpiece are combined onto one unit which firmly adjusts individual strings in three directions with no loss of sustain (patent number 5,285,710, expired 2011)

  1. Slide-Blocks are positioned forward or backward to locate proper vibrating lengths of each string, and are then fastened down onto a sturdy baseplate, thus setting string intonation or "true octaves".

  2. Saddle screws atop each slide-block adjust individual string heights, allowing very low playing action.

  3. This omni-adjustable bridge assembly will also regroup 10 strings from 5+5 to 6+4, and 12 strings from 6+6 to 7+5, by way of laterally repositioning one interior slide-block.

Also each saddle screw and corresponding tailpiece slot accepts any size string, bass or melody, in any position, and in any sequence or direction of pitch, accommodating all possible tunings. All saddle screws are configured with a "V" channel and a deeper slot, comprising a cross-sectional "Y", to seat strings of all possible gauges. The tailpiece is equipped with slots within the slots, and likewise accepts any bass or melody string at any position.

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