In 1985 Emmett released a solo album titled Parallel Galaxy. This recording contained ten pieces, some solos and some duets. The album is available on vinyl, cassette, and was remastered for CD in 1999. One piece, Backyard, that appears on the album was used in the film Dune. The director's cut of the film shows a decorated Stick painted gold playing the role of the mythical "baliset" instrument described in Frank Herbert's novel. Emmett's recording is what we hear when we see Patrick Stewart play the baliset. In 1987 Emmett released his Hands Across the Board video. The tape includes a live solo performance of Emmett followed by an interview.

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Parallel Galaxy

Check out some sample tracks and read more about Emmett's debut LP, with original compositions and his unique covers of John McLaughlin, The Beatles and more. Featuring performances by vocalist Josh Hannah, drummer Bruce Gary and Dan Chapman on harmonica.

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Hands Across the Board

Emmett's 1987 video, released on VHS tape. View two excerpt videos, and read Jim Reilly's review of this landmark recording.

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Stick Night Live

Double DVD includes video recordings of Emmett and several other players from 1999 and 2009.

Emmett is Dan Chapman's documentary in progress about Emmett. For more information go to: Watch the trailer:

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