12-String Dual Bass Reciprocal™

This tuning combines the 10-String Classic™ and Baritone Melody tunings for a wide melody range on six strings, with an additional high 5th added on to the standard bass tuning.

  1. F (below middle C and guitar high E)
  2. C down a 4th
  3. G down a 4th
  4. D down a 4th
  5. A down a 4th
  6. E down a 4th (standard low bass E)
  1. B (5-string bass low B)
  2. F# up a 5th
  3. C# up a 5th
  4. G# up a 5th
  5. D# up a 5th
  6. A# up a 5th

Range of tuning:

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