Live recording: Emmett Chapman and Les DeMerle
Live at The Cellar, March 1973

photos by Dan Chapman

In the early 1970s drummer and band leader Les DeMerle ran a jazz club at 1st and Vermont in Los Angeles called The Cellar. His band Transfusion performed regularly on Monday nights, and he and Emmett began playing duo sets opening for the band. Part dance, part duel, they pushed and complimented each other perfectly, two great improvisers, "going for it". These three untitled pieces are from a live recording from March, 1973.

Untitled Improvisation #1 (5:46)

Untitled Improvisation #2 (8:00)

Untitled Improvisation #3 (10:22)

Emmett's first performance on a commercial release was as a guest artist on DeMerle's 1978 Transfusions big band jazz LP. playing a solo on the Track "Funk it! if You Can't Take a Joke". This recording is has been digitially remastered and is currently available on disc and streaming from

Les DeMerle currently lives in Fernandina Beach, Florida, where he performs with his wife, singer Bonnie Eisele, and where he founded and directs the annual Amelia Island Jazz Festival. His web site is: